I provide a confidential and safe setting where clients choose what they bring to counselling. Clients have the opportunity to talk about difficult and painful feelings and look at how they relate to themselves and to others. The counselling relationship facilitates a space to look together at how relationship and life changes can be made. 

There can be many reasons why someone comes for counselling. It may be a bereavement, loss, addiction, depression, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, anger, loneliness, a situation or relationship that feels unbearable...Any particular problem, specific issue, behaviour or feeling can be talked about and looked at together.

I believe change is always possible. Even if a person can't change a situation itself, they can experience a shift in the way they feel, think, behave and relate to themselves and to others. And this will then change how they view the situation. However, they do not always know how to go about this. By finding a counselling relationship where they feel genuinely met, heard, respected and accepted, I believe they are more able to draw on inner resources and ultimately find a way to live a more fulfilled and content life.